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Unilever to use mobile gaming to recruit graduates in Africa

10th August 2017

Unilever has launched a digital recruitment programme that will use online gaming to select the best candidates in Africa.

The consumer goods company, which receives close to 15,000 graduate applications in Africa every year, is launching a new digital process which will mix gaming with video interviews to find the best and brightest graduates.

“The programme has been introduced in Africa this week, following a successful launch in Europe, other parts of Asia and North America,” said Mechell Chetty, VP Human Resources: Africa.

“This digital platform will be rolled out in other Unilever companies across the rest of the world during the remainder of the year.”

The process has four main steps. Firstly candidates will fill out an online application form. Successful candidates are then invited to play a series of games, taking no more than 20 minutes.

“The way in which applicants play these games will allow Unilever to get an insight into the candidate’s potential and how well they connect with the company’s goals and purpose,” it said.


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