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Top technology jobs in demand currently

14th July 2017

With increasing automation across technology sectors, old jobs are getting redundant. There are, however, skillsets and roles that are in demand as companies adapt to the digital world. While traditional roles are turning obsolete, new opportunities exist in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, 3D printing, design thinking, block chain and cloud computing, according to TeamLease Services. "Let’s ignore the doomsayers and stay the course on preparing ourselves for the future potential in technology. And this preparation needs to be lifelong and not in spurts or driven by exigencies," said Rituparna Chakraborty, executive V-P, TeamLease. Services. "Already there are newer tech jobs evolving for which we are struggling to find the right skills"


Role: Data Scientist
Who is hiring : Search engines, social networks, financial institutions, ecommerce cos, healthcare, engineering companies, retail analytics, mobile analytics, marketing agencies and data science vendors

Salary p.a .: Rs 6.2 lakh
Why the role is in demand: In spite of increased availability of highly refi ned data collection tools and analytics dashboards, there is still high demand for data scientists since they possess advanced skillsets in statistics and analytics, which is needed to clean and organise data before extracting valuable insights.


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