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Spanish consulting market worth €12 billion, employs 150,000 consultants

23rd August 2017

The consulting market of Spain is on the brink of a collective income of €12 billion. New figures reveal that the Spanish consultancy industry is not only growing at rates nearing comparison with pre-crisis levels, but at a quicker rate than the broader recovery of the national economy.

In 2016, Spanish consultancy firms earned €11,818 million from sales, 4.9% up on the previous year. In line with the rest of the global consulting market, the Spanish portion has witnessed a gradual recovery since the initial credit crunch of 2007 and the global financial crisis of 2008. According to a new report released by the Spanish Association of Consulting Firms (Asociación Española de Empresas de Consultoría; AEC) with the exception of the lapse of 2013, which also mirrors a global trend, income of the consulting industry in Spain has continued to grow, now dwarfing 2007 levels of €8,561 million.

The proportion of domestic income the Spanish consulting sector currently receives alone is €8,672 million, with a further €3,146 million invested from overseas. While the success of Spanish consulting is partially linked to the general recovery of the economy, it is developing ahead of the growth rate for the Spanish economy in general, thanks particularly to foreign income. While these figures are still not as high as pre-crisis figures meanwhile, which generally topped 10%, that was in a scenario of much higher inflation.


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