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Prepare to meet the robot recruiters

20th October 2017

When you apply for your next job, it could be a computer algorithm, rather than a human, that asks you the first round of screening questions.

That is the hope of Eyal Grayevsky, whose company Mya Systems uses artificial intelligence and a chatbot named Mya to help recruiters screen high volumes of applicants for hourly wage jobs.

“When the candidate applies for a job, Mya introduces herself and takes them through a conversation,” he explains. The chatbot will ask questions to see if they are qualified: “Can you work in the evenings?” “Are you comfortable with the pay range?” “Do you have forklift experience?” “How soon can you start?” If the applicant is a good fit, Mya will schedule their interview.

While being interrogated by a computer might sound degrading, Grayevsky points out that it is much better than never hearing back at all, which is the most common outcome.


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