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Oman ready to become region’s import, export hub

28th July 2017

Oman has announced its readiness to become the import/export hub of the region.
The GCC member was one of the countries that stood to benefit from the Saudi-led blockade on Qatar after deciding to remain neutral during the regional crises that saw four of its Arab neighbours impose a siege on a fellow Arab state.
One of the measures taken by the blockading countries was to deny Qatar access to their ports. Typically, cargo for Qatar stops at the UAE’s massive port in Jebel Ali Port, Dubai, or in Abu Dhabi, then gets put on smaller boats heading to Doha. Following the blockade, international free trade zones like Jebel Ali in the UAE were cut off. Hundreds of containers destined for Qatar were seized in clear breach of the provisions and laws of the International Trade Organisation that safeguards the free flow of goods.

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