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Now, pick a candidate with just a click

17th August 2017

Automation has made the job of identifying candidates within the company or outside fitting a particular work profile a lot easier.

An applicant simply loads a resume on to a company’s system and an automated recruitment tool sorts, filters and classifies the profile. HR personnel simply have to use the right search word to find the right person.

Many companies effectively use the automated recruitment search tool. Consider this: As part of a re-skilling programme, over two lakh employees in a large IT company have acquired competency in digital technology. The data on each’s specialisation and marks scored are available across the company.

If a team leader wants a DevOps specialist for a project in the US, all it takes is a click of a button to locate the right person for the job. Earlier, this process would take a few days, said sources.

Automation of repetitive tasks such as screening candidates allows recruiters to save on time while realigning their priorities to engage with those shortlisted. Matching the best talent with the right job is an even bigger challenge, said Sudeep Sen, Vice-President, TeamLease Service, a recruitment company.


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