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Nigeria to adopt new technology for oil and gas industry

13th July 2017

The US government unveiled an innovative technology Synergy and Aruba for Nigerian oil and gas industry, pledging an unalloyed support for the country’s digital transformation in the energy sector.

The Foreign Commercial Service of the United States Diplomatic Mission to Nigeria has introduced this technology in collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Nigeria and its local partner Manifold Computers.

Speaking at a recent public presentation of the technology product at an event in Lagos, F. John Bray, Consul General of the US, encouraged the Nigerian oil and gas industry players to avail themselves of the technology. He said that the technology will be able to harnessing Nigeria’s abundant resources, with ultimately boosting the country’s economy.

The industry experts described Synergy and Aruba as a technology that aims to help Nigerian oil and gas companies to increase operational efficiencies, monitor people, manage resources, make real-time decisions and reduce risks in a cost-effective way, increasing flexibility, productivity and company bottom line.


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