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EY and KPMG make further tweaks to job application process

22nd August 2016

In a bid to improve their hit among millennials, and bolster the internal efficiency of their recruitment process, EY and KPMG have announced a latest round of tweaks to their job application process. KPMG is shortening the recruitment process from weeks to a matter of days, while EY has removed degree classifications and changed its view on high school performance, for entry to its ranks.

Professional services firms, while offering a range of benefits to prospective graduates, are facing stiff competition from, among others, the growing phenomenon of startups. To meet the competition head-on, reduce administrative burden and broaden the kinds of graduates that are seen as valuable, business advisory firms are transforming their recruitment processes. Two firms that recently outlined changes, on top of earlier tweaks, are accounting and consulting groups KPMG and EY.

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