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China turns more to green energy for power supply

4th September 2017

DONGYING (China): China is gradually turning to renewable energy to reduce its dependency on traditional power supply which caused massive pollution.

Currently, some 75% of the electricity in the country is still produced by coal fire, but the Government is consistent in developing green energy by investing in almost half of the world’s new photovoltaic installations last year.

In June, Qinghai took the lead by running the entire province of 5.8 million people on wind, solar and hydro power for seven days as a trial project conducted by the State Grid, China’s national electricity company.

In the north-eastern region of China, another province – Shandong – plays a vital role in the renewable energy sector.

Last year, the province generated 23.67 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity, an increase of 33.7% compared with the previous year. Among them, 60% was from wind power, 22% biomass power and 13% solar power.

The power generated was enough for 39 million households, about five times the total number of Malaysian households.


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