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5 technology trends to watch out for this year

19th May 2017

MANILA- Consumers should watch out for 5 major technology trends that could significantly influence their lives this 2017.
According to market research company GfK, trends that are seen to potentially impact consumer behavior this year are mobile payments, smart home, wearables, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), and autonomous vehicles.

Mobile payments are predicted to expand this year on the back of consumers’ desire for cashless shopping and the gaining popularity of shopping apps in Southeast Asia.
A separate GfK study, "The Connected Asian Consumer," shows that contributing factors to the growth of usage of shopping apps include affordable smartphones, a massive young and tech-savvy population, and efforts by governments and telco operators to expand and improve high-speed wireless networks.
For this year the smart home experience seeks to expand from smart televisions to smart air conditioners.
Smart cooling units are now seeing a boost in global sales with Taiwan leading the market share in Asia, followed by Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam.
Japan, China, South Korea, and Singapore are also expected to contribute significantly to the growth of smart homes given the large proportion of high-income households and the data connectivity in these countries.


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