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2017 CEOSleepout: Consultants sleep rough to help London's homeless

3rd November 2017

Six consulting industry figures were among almost 100 participants of the 2017 CEOSleepout. The annual charity event, which aims to help London’s growing homeless population, has raised over £1 million since its nationwide launch in 2010.

As the Bank of England predicted as many as 75,000 jobs could be lost from Europe’s financial hub after Brexit, there were probably a number of Chief Executives in London who had sleepless nights this week. However, none are likely to have had it as rough as those who packed into Lord’s Cricket Ground to spend the night outdoors on Monday 30th October 2017, as part of the CEOSleepout charity campaign.

Almost 100 senior level members of the City’s business community were invited to give up their bed for one night in order to help those who don’t have one at all. Participants of CEOSleepout were asked to lead by example by braving the cold and sleeping outdoors, as the UK’s capital saw its coldest night of the month. The organisation cites its ultimate goal as helping to make London “a fairer and even better place in which to live, work and do business,” and according to the CEOSleepout website, 97 business figures were listed as participating to do precisely that, sleeping – or attempting to sleep – side-by-side with their peers to raise awareness and funds for homeless people in London.

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