Our core values

Honesty and integrity

We strive to show transparency in everything we do. We believe that being honest and straightforward creates the best business platform in which to operate. We have strong internal procedures in place to monitor our consultant’s practices and our reputation is the most important factor in Quanta’s success.


We believe a reputation is built on being reliable. We don’t over promise clients and candidates and deliver on what we set out to do. At Quanta the nature of our business means we have a dual focus – on the needs of both our clients and candidates. We have high expectations of our role and believe that being reliable, honest and professional allows the formation of lasting business relationships.


The market and environment we recruit within are constantly changing and that means that we as a business must adapt. We strive to think of innovative ways of providing solutions to many of our client’s problems. Quanta’s consultants are constantly pushing the boundaries in finding solutions to our client’s needs of attracting and retaining talent.


Quanta continues to develop as a business and believe that our ambition only benefits both our clients and candidates. Quanta strives to be the best within the industry and continue to raise standards in both the delivery of contract and permanent staff. We feel this is reflected internally with the level, attributes and ability of staff we hire.

Quality of service

Quanta’s dedication to quality is what sets us apart from our competitors. Quanta prides itself on the levels of service we give to clients and candidates at all stages of the hiring process. From initial induction to aftercare and contractor welfare, we believe that the level of service is at the core of our business ethos.

At the heart of everything that we do is a set of core values. Quanta adheres to these five competencies in all areas of our business practice.